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Conveniently located in Southwest Lansing, Village is less than one mile from abundant shopping, great dining, movie theaters, quiet city parks, and public transportation.  Utilizing the closely located highways, we are only minutes from premier shopping malls, Michigan State University, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School, and downtown Lansing. The award winning grounds of Village Townhouses are lavishly landscaped with mature trees, a wealth of flowers and manicured shrubbery.  You'll discover a private community of professionally managed town homes that you will be proud to call home.  If a quiet, comfortable, and friendly atmosphere are what you're looking for in your next home, look no further…

News Flash

Valentine’s Day 2-14-18

Board Meeting February 26, 2018 Cancelled

Board Meeting March 26, 2018                        


Policy Changes
  The Board has approved policy changes for landscaping, pets, vehicle and snow removal.  These changes take effect on 4-1-18.  Please check your black mailbox in February for these new policies.

Clean Up Pet Feces
  As the temperature begins to warm up and the snow thaws please remember to go out and clean up after your pet.  Having a pet is a privilege not a right.  Please review the pet policy to ensure you are in compliance.

Maintenance Corner
  After notifying the office of your maintenance request please ensure that the area in which the work is to be done is a “clean and safe working” area.  Also, if anyone is sick in the household we would also appreciate knowing that in advance as well.
Garbage Disposal
  Be careful about what you put down your disposal.  Items that should not be put in the disposal include: metal, glass, plastic, grease, paper, cigarettes, bones, banana peels, oysters/clamshells, tea bags, dish rags, celery, corn husks, potato peels etc.  If you cannot chew it, neither can your disposal!  Helpful hint - to sharpen the blades on your disposal, occasionally fill it with ice cubes and run the disposal.  If your disposal stops working, attempt to reset it by pushing in the small red reset button located on the bottom of the disposal.  Never put your hand down inside the disposal without unplugging it first.

Newsletter Info

The Village newsletter is being published by office staff rather than sending the newsletter to outside sources to be printed.  The newsletter will be available at the office, at an outside box located near the drop box as well as by e-mail.  If you would like to receive your newsletter by e-mail, click on this link to have your e-mail address added (or removed) to our list (your e-mail address will not be given to anyone for any use other than for Village to e-mail you your newsletter).  The newsletters will also be available here.

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