The following information will give you the guidelines for the minimum and maximum number of occupants in a townhouse as well as the income requirements.


Size of Townhouse       Minimum Number of Occupants       Maximum Number of Occupants
   1 Bedroom                                            1                                                             2
   2 Bedroom                                            2                                                             4
   3 Bedroom                                            3                                                             6
   4 Bedroom                                            4                                                             8


Minimum income-A minimum income level is required at the time of move-in.  The monthly carrying charge may not exceed 25% of the gross monthly income.  Here are the annual incomes required for the various bedroom sizes:

Number of Bedroom      Minimum Income
    1 Bedroom                            $18,000
    2 Bedroom                            $19,500
    3 Bedroom                            $21,000
    4 Bedroom                            $22,500


Maximum income- At the time of move-in, the current combined family income of anyone 18 years or older must be certified as not exceeding the following amounts according to size of family.  If the income is exceeded, a 10% surcharge will be placed on the current carrying charge (rent).  The maximum income table is established by the federal government and will be adjusted according to their guide lines.

Number of Occupants      Maximum Income
                1                                 $45,700
                2                                 $52,200
                3                                 $58,750
                4                                 $65,250
                5                                 $70,500
                6                                 $75,700 

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